Welcome to the home page Urdu Pakistan Website. This website is created for Urdu lovers and Learners. This website is being operated by a top-rated Urdu translator, editor, proofreader, localizer, transcriber and above all by an Urdu English teacher. The core purpose of this website to promote Urdu language and provide Urdu language solutions to the people or organizations looking for Urdu related services. This website works on the rule “No one knows a language better than a native”

A Sign of Goodwill to Humanitarian Organizations

This is a free website, for all non-profit organizations. All kinds of services are being provided to humanitarian organizations working for the betterment of the humanity. The author of the website has been awarded from many global organizations for contributing into their global cause to aid humanity in terms of words.

Premium Language Services

Urdu Pakistan Home: This is premium website for individuals and organizations who are looking for translation of their marriage certificates into English or Urdu, their android applications to localize into Urdu language and hence, expanding their precious pool of users. Our team knows what to do on the most advanced translation tools like Memsource and Mate-Cat.
Our team includes experts who are well experienced in transcription and subtitling work. They are well trained on working at the most advanced transcription tools LOFT 1.0 and LOFT 2.0. Just upload your file and get it back fully transferred into Urdu or English Language. we provide languages in five major languages Urdu, English, Persian, Arabic and Pakistani Punjabi.

Online Lessons

This website is a gift for Urdu lovers and learners. We are actively creating an LMS for Urdu lovers. Also, we are creating an online learning system for Urdu learners. This will be a one-to-one learning system on your own terms, on your own hours. We have both, male and female teachers who are eager to deliver you satisfaction of learning. Please, use our contact form to hire a teacher at very economical rates. A fairly free trial will be provided for your satisfaction.

Urdu-English-Roman Urdu Lessons

For Urdu learners Urdu Pakistan is a home of Urdu. We are actively creating lessons that are totally free. You can navigate to these lessons and learn as much as you want. We will create new lessons on regular basis. What shall we create exclusively for you? What you want to learn? Write us by using our contact us form. Please check out our lessons created by subject expert teachers working in highly reputed institutions.

Online Holy Quran Teaching

We have the most qualified teachers for Holy Quran who practiced Tajweed for years in the most prominent Jamaiat in Pakistan. They are Qari and they are ready to teach you the Holy Quran with correct Tajweed. We have both Male and Female Qari for you and for your kids. They are well trained on teaching through Zoom or Skype. You can set your own hours for learning the Holy Quran.

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