Best remedy for stomach diseases

In this article we will learn about a proven remedy for stomach diseases. The stomach is an organ of the human body on which all the functions of the body depend. The food we eat becomes part of our body after chemical reactions in the stomach. It’s a weird machine that sifts through any food we eat, sifting through everything we mean and sending waste material out of the body. Our health depends entirely on the food we eat. A healthy diet is essential for good health. Here is the proven best remedy for stomach disease


What if the stomach doesn’t work properly?

Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the only food which can cure gastric ulcer most effectively

Stomach pain

Gas up

Blood discoloration



100% tested version, trial condition

Today I want to tell you an essay that is not a hearsay story. I myself have been suffering from severe stomach problems for seven years. Then my father gave me a puff which after using it I gave up three kinds of pills and capsules. This version is very simple. Its ingredients we use every day and are an essential part of our diet. Remember this version was donated by the great Sufi Barkat Ali Lodhianvi with general permission. It is strictly forbidden to use or sell this prescription commercially. We hope that the readers will use this prescription only with the intention of serving the people.


Readers, there are 4 main components to this version.

1: rock sugar

2: Fennel

3: Dried coriander
Thick cardamom

The ratio of these four things is 2: 1: 1: 1. That is, the amount of Kalpi Misri will be double that of the other three ingredients. If the amount of fennel, dried coriander and thick cardamom is 50 grams, then the amount of Kalpi Egyptian will be 100 grams.

For diabetics:

If the user is diabetic, then Haridwar can use the same proportion instead of Kalpi Misri.

How to prepare this prescription?

This recipe is very easy to make. Grind all ingredients, including the peels, when dry. Remember to grind thick cardamom with peels.

How to use:

Use a teaspoon after meals.


Do not use more than one teaspoon.

What are the benefits of this prescription?

This prescription will prevent you from taking omeprazole capsules. Eliminates gastric acidity. Evaporation relieves pain caused by flatulence. Obesity eliminates the problem of insomnia. Eliminates clones in the intestines. Often the taste in the mouth is bitter or bad when the stomach is affected. This prescription also eliminates this problem. Lightens the stomach. Makes you lively and energetic.


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